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nedelja, 14. julij 2013


Download the Free Premium Membership Code Generator

Whether it's some original content you created and you are aspiring to get a partnership, something you made or discovered and want to break through and get on the first page, boosting Youtube views can often come in handy. Considering you are searching for a premium membership, it is safe to assume you know all about Hitleap and the benefits premium membership brings. However, in today's times, paying for something is no longer a no-brainer, every payment is (and should be) thoroughly reconsidered. Here is where we come in. 
A friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, found a glitch in the system to generate usernames and passwords (later referred to as CODES) to obtain the premium membership and packed it in a nice little generator app.

Do it! Do it now!

Computer protocols, computer systems and all that other stuff I have a hard time pronouncing change constantly and there is no guarantee that the Hitleap owners will change their internal scheme and the way they do what the do. The generator finds weaknesses in Hitleap defense and creates codes accordingly. That is why it is highly recommended to try out this app while it is still fully operational and working perfectly. 
It's simple to use as well. After your code is generated, go to your Hitleap viewer, select the "Go Premium" option, select paypal as the paying method and paste the data from the generator and voilá. There is no stealing from anyone, it's simply exploiting a glitch Hitleap did not notice.

It's free, too.

We are giving away this generator absolutely for free. We could charge for it, probably make some little money with it, too. But, we're lucky enough to not be too tight financial wise and there's that little thing about values and moral and all that. And also, it doesn't hurt to try.
All of that aside, grab your piece of pie while it's still hot! Simply click the download button.

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